Our mission

To understand and develop new quantum technologies, transferring this knowledge to the society at large.

Our contribution

We do research on quantum technology projects, as well as consulting and training of groups and individuals.

Our team

We are a group of highly motivated scientists with a unique expertise in the study of quantum systems.

Quantum Technologies

We develop ideas for a variety of experimental setups and environments, such as...

Superconducting circuits

Simple, non-resistive circuits of Aluminium or Niobium that become quantum devices at cryogenic temperatures.

Trapped ions

Hundreds of charge particles floating in an oscillating electromagnetic field to engineer an artificial computer or simulator.

Optical lattices

One-by-one trapping of atoms at nanoKelvin temperatures using light, to create exotic states of matter.

Our work addresses challenging fundamental problems of science, as well as practical applications for the near or mid-term future

Quantum computing

Devices that solve challenging problems, from optimization and combinatorics, to complex physics and chemistry calculations.

Quantum simulation

Simulating exotic quantum states of matter in the lab, from new materials, to particle physics and quantum field experiments.

Quantum sensing

Designing new sensors, clocks, laserss, interferometers and other devices to accurately measure, detect or even image.