On the week of the 9th to the 13th of February, the QUINFOG group will impart a series of intensive lectures on practical and theoretical aspects of Matrix product states:
  • The different tensor network ansatz and their QIPC motivations
  • Time evolution with MPS
  • Translationally invariant ansätze
  • Ground state computation with MPS and DMRG
  • MPO and long range interactions
The lectures, which are open to anyone who is interested, intend to be practical, using C/C++ as programming language and in particular the libraries developed by J. J. García Ripoll

However, the goal is not to teach people how to use these libraries, but how to develop their own codes and read the algorithms that are already implemented. C++ is used because of convenience and license issues (CSIC does not pay for Matlab and we cannot use it in our clusters).

Due to the various constraints in that month, the lectures will take place on the mornings between the 9th and the 13th of February, both included, lasting about 3 hours each morning. If anyone comes from outside CSIC, we have some office space available to work out some examples after the lectures.

  • Own laptop (Mac, Windows or Linux), installing the software that will be listed at the software webpage.
  • Some understanding on programming, compilation of software and running it.
  • Notions on Matlab or similar algebraic programming languages (Scilab, Octave)
  • Registration by email with the organizer.
(*) Limited support or help in installing the software will be given prior to the attendance to the meeting, please join the discussion group for doing so.