As part of the QUITEMAD+ research network, we seek a young, motivated postdoctoral researcher that integrates in our group and contributes to our research in quantum technologies. These are some of the topics that we are currently working on:

  • Quantum computing and quantum simulation with superconducting circuits, trapped ions and ultracold atoms.

  • Quantum sensing and metrology beyond conventional approaches, considering relativistic corrections or using many-body setups.

  • Quantum information theory as a tool to develop new methods and understand the limitations of new quantum algorithms, quantum simulations and different quantum metrology approaches.

  • Interface between quantum information and quantum field theory, focusing on causality, propagation of information and the ultimate limits of communication and computation.

  • Microwave and visible range photonics, from the development of quantum nonlinearities to new schemes for photodetection.

Interested applicants should submit a CV and at least one reference letter to our group email address.

Additional information:

  • This contract is funded by Comunidad de Madrid Research Network QUITEMAD+ S2013/ICE-2801 from the 2013 PRICYT program.

  • Formal application has to be submitted through this web portal (in Spanish). Unfortunately, in order for the contract to succeed, the applicant has to demonstrate that the degree is homologated with the corresponding Spanish ones.

  • The contract spans two years begining on January 2017 and has a bruto salary of 36k€ / year.

  • Typical taxes amount to 20% salary for a young person without any deductions. Healthcare is provided by employer through the public system.

  • The scientist will be able to participate from our projects and rely on such funding for conferences and other activities. He or she will be expected to collaborate in the supervision of PhD and master students.

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