Seminars from 2024

Generating non-classically correlated photon states through collective dissipation in atom-nanofiber interfaces.

Tomás Levy (IFF-CSIC)
12:00 18-01-2024
The generation of non-classically correlated states of light is a crucial ingredientfor quantum technologies based on quantum optics. In order to achievethis, we need interfaces that induce effective interactions between individualphotons. This can be realized by chirally coupling an array of two-level atomsto a waveguide. As the atoms cannot be excited twice, photons propagatingthrough the waveguide will build up spatial correlations as they are individuallyabsorbed and emitted by the atoms. A fundamental limit to this mechanism isthe spontaneous emission of the atoms into free space. In this thesis we show,by properly considering the vacuum emission, that wave interference phenomenaof the fields can protect certain modes from decaying into free space, whenthe array is periodic and dense enough. This phenomenon is called subradiance.Subradiance will allow for the building of special two photon correlations withfermionic characteristics, protected against losses through the propagation. Weperform numerical and analytical methods to understand the relation betweenfermionization and subradiance.
Seminar Room, Serrano 121 (CFMAC)