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Quantum Simulation - Penning trap

Quantum Simulation

Quantum Simulation is an area of Quantum Information and Quantum Optics that seeks to implement arbirary Hamiltonians in experimental systems. The goal is, for instance, to simulate particle physics or high-energy physics experiments, or superconductivity, using ultracold atoms, trapped ions or superconducting circuis. The study of these ideas is a […]

Matrix Product States evolution scheme

Matrix Product States Lectures

On the week of the 9th to the 13th of February, the QUINFOG group imparted a series of intensive lectures on practical and theoretical aspects of Matrix product states. The different tensor network ansatz and their QIPC motivations Time evolution with MPS Translationally invariant ans├Ątze Ground state computation with MPS […]

Quantum field theory - particle collision image

Quantum Field Theory Lectures (2013)

Lectures on Quantum Field Theory for Quantum Information Oct-Dec 2013 Quantum Information theory has been originally formulated in terms of qubits (and qudits), which are entities best described in ordinary Quantum Mechanics. However, there are natural extensions for them in the context of Quantum Field Theory. As a matter of […]