Research Dissemination at CSIC/IFF

Many journals employ various impact article metrics, including online attention, accessibility, and citations. However, the most commonly used system is Altmetric. Altmetric gauges research influence across different social media platforms, blogs, citations, and more. You can learn more about Altmetric here: Altmetric About Us.

Typically, journals utilize weekly Altmetric data to identify the most read paper of the week and subsequently promote it on their social media platforms as “Trending in JOURNAL NAME” (for example, see “Trending in PRL” at ).

This approach can significantly enhance the impact of your research. Further advice can be found on the Springer Nature website: Springer Nature Publication Promotion.

This guide aims to assist you in the process of disseminating your research through the CSIC’s Communication Department. The objective is to have your work featured on the CSIC website’s “Actualidad” (News) section, accessible at

The procedure is outlined as follows:

  • Initiate contact by sending an email to the Communication Department at and Explain the purpose of your communication, emphasizing that your paper has been published in a high-impact journal.
  • If you do not receive a response, consider reaching out to María González Martínez at 915681819 or 687145717, or via email at She is part of the Communication Department. Persistence may be necessary, so consider sending multiple emails if needed.
  • While waiting for a response from the Communication Department, begin preparing a Spanish-language text that covers the following points:
    • Your study’s key discoveries.
    • Novel contributions to the existing knowledge in your field.
    • Methods and techniques employed in your research.
    • Potential applications of your findings.
    • The significance of your work and its potential societal impact.
  • Keep in mind that the text should not exceed half a page in length. You can find examples in the “Actualidad” section of the CSIC website: CSIC Actualidad. Example:
  • Once the Communication Department expresses interest, they will draft a text based on your content and provide it to you for any final updates. Once approved, the article will be published on
  • Additionally, consider promoting the article on your social media platforms.

    By following these steps, you can effectively disseminate your research through the CSIC/IFF Communication Department and increase its visibility.