Quantum Information and Foundations Group – CSIC


Juan José García Ripoll103943107jj.garcia.ripoll@csic.es
Diego González Olivares109943122diego.glz.olivares+research@gmail.com
Alejandro González-Tudela106alejandrogonzaleztudela@gmail.com
Manuel Pino García113941113manuelpinogarcia@gmail.com
Diego Porras Torre107943106diego.porras.torre@gmail.com
Tomás Ramos del Río104943104t.ramos.delrio@gmail.com
Carlos Sabín Lestayo108943108/943101csl@iff.csic.es
Érik Torrontegui105943105eriktorrontegui@gmail.com
Alejandro Valido109943122valido96@gmail.com

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