Tomás Ramos

Ramón y Cajal Researcher

PhD in Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria (2016).
MSc in Physics, University of Concepción, Chile (2011).

Scientific interests

  • Quantum optics
  • Quantum information and technology
  • Quantum measurement and amplification
  • Open quantum many-body physics
  • Nanophotonics
  • Superconducting circuits
  • Atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics

Talks and Outreach


  • T. Ramos, A. Gómez-León, J.J. García-Ripoll, A. González-Tudela, D. Porras, “Directional Josephson traveling-wave parametric amplifier via non-Hermitian topology”, arXiv:2207.13728.
  • M. Li, J.J. García-Ripoll, T. Ramos, “Scalable multiphoton generation from cavity-synchronized single-photon sources”, arXiv:2009.02382.

Selected publications

  • R. Dassonneville, T. Ramos, …, J.J. García-Ripoll, N. Roch, and O. Buisson, “Transmon-qubit readout using an in-situ bifurcation amplification in the mesoscopic regime”, Phys. Rev. Applied 20, 044050 (2023).
  • U. Alushi, T. Ramos, J.J. García-Ripoll, R. Di Candia, S. Felicetti, “Waveguide QED with Quadratic Light-Matter Interactions”, PRX Quantum 4, 030326 (2023).
  • A. Gómez-León, T. Ramos, A. González-Tudela, D. Porras, “Non-Hermitian topological phases in traveling-wave parametric amplifiers”, Quantum 7, 1016 (2023).
  • L. Pereira, J.J. García-Ripoll, T. Ramos, Parallel QND measurement tomography of multi-qubit quantum devices, npj Quantum Information 9, 22 (2023).
  • L. Pereira, J.J. García-Ripoll, T. Ramos, “Complete physical characterization of QND measurements via tomography”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 010402 (2022).
  • H. Le Jeannic, A. Tiranov, J. Carolan, T. Ramos, …, N. Rotenberg, L. Midolo, J.J. García-Ripoll, A.S. Sørensen, P. Lodahl, “Dynamical photon-photon interaction mediated by a quantum emitter”, Nat. Phys. 18, 1191 (2022)
  • T. Ramos, J.J. García-Ripoll, D. Porras, “Topological input-output theory for directional amplification”, Phys. Rev. A 103, 033513 (2021).
  • H. Le Jeannic, T. Ramos, S.F. Simonsen, T. Pregnolato, Z. Liu, R. Schott, A.D. Wieck, A. Ludwig, N. Rotenberg, J.J. García-Ripoll, and P. Lodahl, “Experimental reconstruction of the few-photon nonlinear scattering matrix from a single quantum dot in a nanophotonic waveguide”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 023603 (2021).
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