Diego Porras

I am a theoretical physicist working in the description of complex quantum systems with applications in quantum simulation, quantum computing and quantum metrology. My research is quite multidisciplinary and it involves the fields of quantum optics, many-body physics and the physical description of systems like trapped ions and ultracold atoms.

This is a selection of some of my recent publications:

Email: d.porras_weird-a-symbol_ iff.csic.es

Selected publications

Hybrid quantum-classical optimization for financial index tracking, S. Fernández-Lorenzo, D. Porras, J.J. García-Ripoll, arXiv:2008.12050 (2020).

Taking snapshots of a quantum thermalization process: emergent classicality in quantum jump trajectories, C. Nation, D. Porras, arXiv:2003.08425 (2020).

Topological amplification in photonic lattices, D. Porras, S. Fernández-Lorenzo, Physical Review Letters 122, 143901 (2019).

Topological edge states in periodically driven trapped-ion chains, P. Nevado, S. Fernández-Lorenzo, D. Porras, Physical Review Letters 119 (21), 210401 (2017).

Quantum sensing close to a dissipative phase transition: Symmetry breaking and criticality as metrological resources, S. Fernández-Lorenzo, D. Porras, Physical Review A 96, 013817 (2017).