“Bound States in the Continuum” Mini-Workshop

A mini-workshop on bound states in the continuum will take place on Tuesday, June 4th. The schedule for this activity, co-organized by researchers from several institutes of the CSIC Serrano campus (IEM, IFF, IQF, IO), and the book of abstracts are both found below.

Where? Sala de Conferencias CFMAC, C/ Serrano 121


10:00-10:10Rafael Molina (IEM) “Introduction: BICs in Serrano”.
10:10-10:30Luis Cerdán (IQF) “Excitation of BICs in periodic arrays of dipoles using structured beams”
10:30-10:50Juan José Álvarez Serrano (IO) “Normal incidence excitation of out-of-plane lattice resonances”
10:50-11:10Alberto Muñoz de las Heras (IFF) “Non-linear-enabled localization in driven-dissipative photonic lattices”
11:10-11:30Coffee break
11:30-11:50Alexis Legón (IFF and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile) “BICs in whispering gallery resonators”
11:50-12:10Beatriz Castillo López de Larrinzar (IEM) “Superchiral light emerging from quasi-BICs in Si nanorod dimer metasurfaces”
12:10-12:30Álvaro Buendía (IEM) “Long-range molecular energy transfer mediated by strong coupling to plasmonic topological Edge states”
12:30-12:50Diego R. Abujetas (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha) “Understanding BICs in periodic metasurfaces through a coupled electric and magnetic dipole model”
12:50-13:10Dunkan Martínez Camacho (UCM) “Playing hide-and-seek with Bound States in the Continuum in InSb nanowire networks”
Workshop program