[CLOSED] Avaqus postdoctoral position

We seek an ambitious and strongly motivated researcher, to work with us in the Horizon 2020 FET-Open project Avaqus, on the design and characterization of quantum annealers. More specifically, the topics of the contract involve the theoretical research on:

  • Design of superconducting qubits and quantum couplers (see this)
  • Quantum simulation of (non-stoquastic) spin Hamiltonians (e.g. this)
  • Quantum annealing and analog quantum optimization (e.g. this, this)
  • Analog quantum computation

Experience in any of these or closely related topics is expected. Note that we seek a theoretician to work in our group, but part of this research will involve the design and modelization of experiments, in collaboration Avaqus’ experimental partners, in particular with the group on superconducting quantum computers led by Pol Forn-Díaz.

We offer a one year position, renewable up to two years, with a netto salary of up to 38k€ before income tax, but already including healthcare and unemployment benefits. Ideal candidates should incorporate ASAP, starting end of September to early November.

The researcher will work in a very dynamic group, with many young researchers and students, and plenty of opportunities for career development, if interested (student supervision, participation in MSc courses, organization and participation of conferences, application to national and international grants, etc).

Inquiries: Send CV and presentation letter to Juan José García Ripoll (jj.garcia.ripoll@csic.es)

Deadline: September 15th, 2021