[CLOSED] JAE Intro positions in our group!

Do you want to make a research-internship in our group? Have a look at the JAE intro program from CSIC: https://jaeintro.csic.es/jae-intro/! This program offers competitive 5-month student internships (with possible 4-month extensions) funded with 3000€ (+2400€) supervised by CSIC researchers. Our group offers two of them in the following topics:

  • Study of topological properties in bosonic systems (JAEINT21_EX_1232, supervised by Álvaro Gomez-León). It will focus on the characterization of non-hermitian topological models describing experimentally relevant photonic lattices. The main goals will be the calculation of topological invariants and physical observables using the equation of motion technique and Keldysh formalism.
  • Quantum hardware based on atomic and nanophotonic systems (JAEINT21_EX_0503, supervised by Alejandro González-Tudela). It will focus on designing systems by quantum emitters and nanophotonics that can be used as building blocks for future quantum technologies such as quantum computers, quantum simulators or to perform quantum-enhanced measurements.

The instructions to apply can be found in https://jaeintro.csic.es/jae-intro, and the application is done through the CSIC application found in: https://sede.csic.gob.es/intro2021. DEADLINE is 12th of April! Importantly, you will have to choose in order of priority up to three of the offered topics using the References (JAEINT21_EX_…) detailed above.