[CLOSED] Postdoctoral and PhD positions 2020

Our group is offering a few postdoctoral and PhD positions:

  • Two postdoctoral and two PhD positions to work in theoretical physics (quantum optics and quantum information) applied to the design and modelization of superconducting circuit quantum technologies. The positions are associated to two EU FET-Open projects led in Madrid by Juan José García-Ripoll in which we will collaborate with international experts in superconducting circuits, quantum computing and quantum optimization.
  • One postdoctoral position funded by a Spanish national project in the field of theoretical quantum technologies, led by senior researchers Alejandro González-Tudela, Diego Porras and J.J. García-Ripoll. This a position with a more open profile for a theorist to join any of our research lines.

The new recruits will join a young and very active group, working in quantum hardware for quantum technology, from quantum optics to quantum software, including quantum control and condensed matter physics.


The table below enumerates the opened calls, together with a rough description of the research topics and the associated projects. All PhD positions must start in 2020, to fit the whole PhD in the duration of the project. In the case of postdoctoral positions, an early start is desirable, but we can negotiate depending on the availability of candidates.

Postdoctoral researcher to work in novel architectures for quantum annealing and quantum computation, using superconducting qubits.AVaQus (EU)
1+1 years @PD contract (details below), starting in Oct. 1st 2020 or later
PhD position to work in the design and modelization new superconducting circuits, including qubits, tuneable couplers and other architectural elements for quantum optimization and quantum computing. AVaQus (EU)
3 years, starting Oct. 1st 2020
Postdoctoral researcher developing protocols for distributed quantum computations, distributed quantum memories and superconducting quantum networks, all with a strong focus on a superconducting circuit-based hardware.SuperQuLan
1+1 years@PD contract (details below), starting Sept. 1st 2020 or later
PhD researcher working in the study, modelization control of light-matter interactions in superconducting circuits, with the goal of implementing perfect state transfer, quantum gates on flying qubits and other quantum information protocols.SuperQuLan
3 years, starting Sept. 1st 2020
Postdoctoral researcher joining the group in any of the topics of interest in QUINFOG (quantum optics, quantum computing and quantum annealing, quantum simulation, computational methods in quantum physics). The ideal candidate is a talented theorist with the ambition to join a vibrant group and carry out research that is both scientifically exciting and connected to applications.Frontiers in Quantum Simulation
(PGC, Spain)
1+1 years@PD contract (details below), starting Sept. 1st 2020 or later

All positions will be associated to the Quantum Information and Foundations Group, at the Institute of Fundamental Physics, in CSIC. Our institute is located in the center of Madrid, in a nice environment, well communicated to the rest of Madrid, the suburbs and the airport.

Contracts include healthcare and the usual number of paid holidays. It is difficult to estimate the net salaries once income taxes are discounted, but according to public calculators available online, this would be :

  • PD contract : 38.000€ / year bruto, or 28.000€ / year net salary (14 pays of 2.000€).
  • PhD position: 25.000€ / year, that is 19.900€ neto (14 payments of 1.420€)

(Note: We have slightly improved the P5 position’s conditions with respect to the first version of the offer)


If you are interested, please write an email to quinfog@gmail.com, with the following information

  • Motivation letter, detailing which positions you are interested in;
  • CV including at least education, job experience, scientific production and a list of references for possible recommendations;
  • In the case of PhD, please include your marks in the CV;
  • In both cases, please detail the university and country where you obtained your Physics degree.

We are looking for candidates with a MSc in Physics, because of the topic of the project and the required skills. Nevertheless, if you have other qualifications, please get in touch to see whether it would fit the job descriptor.

After prescreening we will help all interested candidates with the formal application to the position. Unfortunately, CSIC must obey the rules for contracts in the public administration. This involves the following process:

  1. Applicants with a degree from a university outside Spain must have an “equivalence certificate”. This is a document that certifies your degree / master studies are equivalent to a Spanish Physics degree. If you do not have the certificate, you can apply with a document stating that you have applied for it (which you can do online).
  2. Candidates have to register in CSIC’s job market, creating a profile with the CV, certificates and all other required information.
  3. Once all our candidates have registered, we will open the call, which will be published here. If things go right, this should happen in June, so that we can proceed to signing the contract in July.
  4. Our experience is that, once you have won the contract, if you are an EU citizen, you can join immediately. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a visa, which may cause a small delay.

Note that you do not need to have the equivalence certificate to apply for the position: having started the application is enough.

This is a lengthy, but not too complicated process, which is why we are publishing this early announcement. If you have any questions please get in touch!