Seminars from 2015

Compensating turbulent effects for efficient free space quantum communication

Verónica Fernández Mármol (ITEFI (CSIC))
11:30 20-11-2015
Efficient free space quantum key distribution is of utmost importance for enabling global quantum communications. Moreover, in metropolitan networks, free space links are an interesting alternative to optical fibre, offering ease of installation, flexibility and portability. The first challenge that free space links face is the effect of atmospheric turbulence. Compensating turbulent effects can be achieved through beam tracking techniques. These techniques involve, in their simplest form, the use of a fast steering mirror, a position sensitive detector and a proportional-integrative-derivative control. The characterization of several correcting configurations for quantum communications will be overviewed and analyzed.
Seminar Room, Serrano 121 (CFMAC)